Setting the Table

The Self Advocates of Nanaimo are a group of adults with diverse abilities (rather than disabilities). In this video, they explain what it means to be a self-advocate and how programs such as the Good Food Box and Cooking Out of the Box help them access affordable, nutritious food, teach them cooking skills, create community and keep them involved in the wider community.

This video profiles Theo Frederick of Fredericks honey. Now in his 80’s Theo has been actively involved in beekeeping since he was a child. Theo teaches free workshops to new bee-keepers and maintains beehives at the Empress hotel in Victoria as part of his personal mission to educate and pass on the importance of bees to the public.

Nanaimo Community Gardens with Donna Lee

This Setting the Table project video takes a look at the Nanaimo Community Gardens with Donna Lee and how important this organization and activity are in her life. You can find out more about the gardens at

A Market for All Seasons – The Island Roots Market Coop with Larry Whaley

This video profiles Larry Whaley, a local senior and president of the Island Roots Market Coop and his vision for a permanent indoor year-round farmers market for Nanaimo.

This video profiles some of the seniors who use the BC Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program operated by Nanaimo Foodshare. This program provides coupons to low-income families and seniors so they can access locally produced food at the local farmers' markets. In the words of one low-income senior who used the program, it made the market more accessible and affordable and she had her ‘best summer ever.’

Fermenting Vegetables with Ingy

Ingy Bloodsworth is so passionate about fermented foods that she volunteers to do a series of workshops every month to teach people the basics of fermenting vegetables and the benefits of adding fermented foods to your diet. This is both a how-to and why-you-should video.

Memories, Food and Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is a care facility in Nanaimo specifically designed and operated for seniors with dementia. A number of volunteers with the organization are also seniors. The smells, tastes and textures of certain foods can trigger memories for people who are struggling to remember. This video looks at the role of food and nutrition in the health, wellbeing and quality of life for seniors suffering from dementia.