Learn to Grow Facilitation


Learn to Grow Facilitation

Spring and Fall

Learn how to maintain your garden as a group with curricular support. Passionate facilitators lead outdoor ecology and food growing basics weekly. Facilitators provide 1-3 tasks for you to complete with your group each week.

Group Size: 10-30 Ages: 5-17 (and adult supervision)

Where: Your school garden, existing growing space or the Park Avenue Farm (933 Park Ave.)

Time: 6 consecutive (minimum) 30 minute classes

Includes: Facilitated activities, supplies and weekly task


Hands-on activities, inspiring lessons, and curricular connections to growing local food! Review videos, discuss ideas and questions with a passionate facilitator. Available in 4- or 8-class packages. Invite us into your class for an engaging virtual presentation.

Where: Anywhere with internet!

Time: 30-90 minutes

Includes: Foodshare videos, lesson resources, and a passionate virtual facilitator

Questions or Ready to Book?

Email jennie.wharton@nanaimofoodshare.ca or 

call the office at 250-753-9393