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Are you 55+ years of age and looking to connect with like-minded peers around healthy eating? Create social connections, receive and offer support & guidance to the community, and maintain healthy habits around cooking & eating food!

 Involvement includes monthly social eating and food skill activities with other adults, participation in Foodshare food skill classes with all ages and abilities and the option to take on a mentorship, skill facilitation, and resource development roles.

An ideal candidate for this program is someone who is 55+ years of age and who wishes to make changes towards healthy eating with the support of peers. This could include people who are low income, living alone, have limited social support, lack transportation or mobility and/or health issues.

Possible activities for participants

  • Discussing food, cooking, favourite recipes, gardening etc.
  • Going for coffee or tea
  • Computer – learning where to find nutrition information
  • Gardening
  • Goal setting
  • Sharing or preparing meals, cooking, baking together
  • Learning new cooking techniques
  • Support with shopping and making shopping lists
  • Sharing recipes/getting new recipe ideas
  • Goal setting related to healthy eating/nutrition
  • Attending community events related to food
  • Reading or watching movies about food and discussing together
  • Discussing current events related to food
  • Sharing or learning about others cultural foods
Want to sign up or learn more?

Email or call the office at 250-753-9393

Foodshare long table dinner


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