Everyone At the Table (E.A.T.)

Building knowledge and skills, sharing stories and experiences, creating opportunities for employment and inclusion.  EAT works with people with disabilities to build a sustainable, equitable food system. Participants are involved in the farm-to-table production of inclusive food processing to make various products for sale.

Share food-focused skills and knowledge to build confidence and ability.

EAT creates space for participants to experience work on our farms and in our kitchens and to share their knowledge and skills for growing and preparing food. Our project is founded on principles of equality, meaning we all have a role to play, and we are all valued equally.

Create opportunities for equitable employment within our local food economy.

From farm to fork, we are working to provide equitable employment for our participants through self-sustaining social enterprise activities. Some of our participants are currently involved in food production, while others who have been involved in the past have moved on to participate in employment programs such as Cultivating Abilities and Homegrown.

Build knowledge of nutrition through introduction to a broad variety of fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with food security. Our approach with the EAT Project is to introduce our participants to an exciting variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our experience is that after participating in growing and cooking these foods, they can’t wait to try them. In all cases, our participants report that after participating in EAT, they enjoy a greater variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Email jasmine.tomczyk@nanaimofoodshare.ca or call the office at 250-753-9393