Fundraiser Flyer Party

I have some volunteer opportunities for this week that I am sharing.  Please share the opportunities with your networks.   I know that you have a different role as board members or with other organizations, but wished to offer the opportunity for everyone’s benefit!


For Wednesday and Thursday, we are looking for staplers.  We wish to borrow mechanical staplers to be used by the human staplers.   We will have staples on hand, both the metal and food kinds…..


Kitchen Prep:   (Help chop veggies and prepare salads)


Tuesday  9am to 12pm

Thursday 12 pm to 2pm



Fundraiser Flyer Party!


As a part of the prep for the summer fundraising campaign we will be stapling flyers to envelopes.    Lunch provided, in a social and fun setting!


We are looking for human and mechanical staplers.


Wednesday 10am – 2 pm  at Salvation Army Church, 8th and Bruce St

Wednesday 2pm – 5 pm at Foodshare

Thursday 9am – 1 pm at Foodshare


Salad bar Assistant  (assist in set up and clean up of the salad bar, and encouraging and managing children serving themselves from the salad bar)


Friday  10am – 2 pm



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