Foodshare announces new leadership to support growth of programs

To help deliver on its mission of increasing access to healthy food for everyone in Nanaimo and the surrounding region, Nanaimo Foodshare Society announced today that it is expanding its team to create leadership capacity in two core areas of focus: food and nutrition security, and food skills. 

Foodshare has grown tremendously in recent years. The organization now provides more than 2,000 boxes of fresh produce to the community each month through its Good Food Box program, up from 300 before the start of the pandemic. Our production of fresh, local food has tripled over the past year thanks to expanding operations at two urban farms, which have become hubs for Foodshare’s youth and diverse ability employability programs. This is in addition to ongoing programming for seniors, school children and others delivered through the newly renovated Foodshare kitchen.

“These examples demonstrate the important and growing role Foodshare plays in connecting the community with the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to increase their access to healthy food,” said Denise Bullock, chair of Foodshare’s board of directors.

In order to continue to meet high demand for its programs, Foodshare has created two new leadership roles within the organization: a Director of Food and Nutrition Security, and a Director of Food Skills. 

The Director of Food and Nutrition Security will lead projects and staff focused on addressing food insecurity and improving health. This role will be filled by Jen Cody, who brings considerable expertise and experience as a registered dietician and community advocate. Jen will be leaving her position as executive director in order to take on this new and important role within the organization. 

The Director of Food Skills will lead projects and teams focused on connecting healthy food systems with social and economic development. This role will be filled by Chrys LoScerbo, whose talent for supporting people and projects has helped scale food skills-related initiatives at Foodshare over the past five years. 

Lisa Guizzo will continue to act as a strong and steady hand as the organization’s Manager of Finance and Administration. Having worked at Foodshare for more than 12 years, Lisa brings an immense amount of organizational knowledge and commitment to the mission. 

A new Executive Director will be hired in the coming weeks to help ensure the organization’s current growth trajectory is strategic and sustainable. In the interim, senior staff, supported by Foodshare’s board of directors, will provide organizational leadership as they also support the continued delivery of Foodshare programs and initiatives. 

These changes are taking place as Foodshare prepares for another busy summer in its kitchen, farms and in the community. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to your current contact at Foodshare to discuss, or email board chair Denise Bullock at

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