Summer Lunch Munch/School Meals

Summer Lunch Munch/School Meals feeds children in inner-city parks during the summer season, when school is out and kids have less access to foods through their usual school programs and work with schools to address hunger in the classroom during the school year.

$642.50 Raised
$8,000.00 Target

Did you know, there are children in Nanaimo who have never tasted carrots, or broccoli?

One in five children in Nanaimo lives in poverty. That’s more than 4,000 children in our community who are hungry, who don’t have access to the healthy food they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

The Summer Lunch Munch provides over 5,000 nutritious lunches to children in our community, children who might not otherwise have access to a healthy breakfast or lunch that day. Last year, thanks to your generous contribution, we raised $9,000 to support this program through the summer months. Your donation goes a long way to cover the expense of purchasing and preparing daily, nutritious meals for children in Nanaimo.

Please, don’t wait. We need your help to continue this program.