Grow Food Education

Growing the communities understanding and knowledge around growing organic food.

Nanaimo Foodshare offers a variety of programs that educate the community on local food systems and how to grow food in any space!

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Our current programs are:

  • Five Acres Farm Tours
    • Experience growing food on an urban farm!  Get hands-on practice with food growing skills and fun ecological activities.  Weekly, monthly, seasonal and individual visits highlight the various cycles of growing.
    • Group size: 5-25          Ages:  All!
    • Where:  Fives Acres Farm (945 Park Ave.)
    • Time: 30-90 minutes
    • Includes: Guided tour and food growing activities.


  • #GrowNanaimo Virtual Classes
    • These virtual classes include hands-on activities, inspiring lessons, and curricular connections to growing local food!  Review videos, discuss ideas and questions with a passionate facilitator.  Available in 4 or 8 class packages.  Invite us into your learning space for an engaging virtual presentation.
    • Group size:  up to 25     Ages: 7-14
    • Where:  Anywhere with internet!
    • Time: 30-90 minutes
    • Includes: Foodshare videos, lesson resources, and a passionate virtual facilitator.


  • Garden-in-a-Box (3 month program)
    • Explore how to plant vegetables, observe factors that affect plant growth and analyze growth without the need of an outdoor growing space.  Seasonal themes and activities are available for grades 3-5 (science curriculum).   Supplies and class content are provided.
    • Group size: 4-30      Ages:  7-14
    • Where:  Your learning space
    • Includes:  Up to three Garden-in-a-Box kits, science-based curricular activities and videos, passionate “Youth Grow Food” mentor for in-person and/or virtual support.


  • Train-the-Trainer (on your growing site)
    • Learn to maintain your garden as a group with curricular support.  Passionate facilitators lead outdoor ecology and food growing basics weekly.  Facilitators provide 1-3 tasks for you to complete with your group each week.
    • Group size: 10 – 30     Ages: 5 and up (with adult supervision)
    • Where:  Your school garden or existing gardening space
    • Time: 6 consecutive (minimum) 30 minute classes
    • Includes: Facilitated activities and weekly tasks