E.A.T. – Everyone at the Table

Bringing members of the community to the table to talk about access to healthy food for individuals with diversabilities.

Everyone At the Table is a project funded by Disability Alliance BC. It brings all members of the community—from self-advocates to service providers—to the table to talk about access to healthy food for individuals with diversabilities in our community.

Share a Meal

We’re all equals when we cook and eat together, we all have something to bring to the table. The EAT Project team comes together on the first and third Tuesday of each month to share a meal, to talk about strategies for healthy eating, and to think about how we might share our knowledge with the community.

Share Your Story

The EAT Project team is looking at how they might share their stories with the world. Currently in the works is a story-focused cookbook, where team members can share knowledge and resources about how they eat healthy when food costs are rising, and transportation is an issue. The team is also exploring podcasting, blogging, video documentary storytelling, and knowledge-sharing events as ways to bring the community together around food.

Be Heard

Everyone on the EAT Project team comes to the table as equal partners with valuable knowledge to share, to overcome barriers to healthy eating for people with diversabilities. The EAT Project Team works to connect with service providers; local, regional, provincial and federal government; and community organizations.

Tell Your Story

We’d love to connect with you, and to have your story be part of the EAT Project. If you identify as an adult with diverse abilities, and you’d like to share your story and be part of the EAT Team, please fill out the form below, email sean.enns@nanaimofoodshare.ca, or phone (250) 753-9393 to request a call from an EAT Team member.