Foodshare Film Group

Short films about food by people over 55

The Foodshare Film Group is a video production mentorship and community documentary project for anyone over the age of 55. This project empowers participants to engage in our community by building on personal strengths, life experience, and capacity to share experiences with a broad audience.

Participants create videos that examine the connections between food, community and inclusiveness. Some of the potential themes and topics to explore include:

  • food skills
  • health
  • nutrition
  • aging
  • identity
  • community involvement
  • helping those less fortunate
  • sourcing traditional foods for both newcomers and indigenous people
  • how food can bridge ethnic communities and create inter-cultural connections. The need for healthy nutritional food is a common denominator for all cultures!

The finished videos are broadcast on the Shaw Community channel, posted on YouTube, Facebook and Nanaimo Foodshare’s website, as well as featured publicly at multiple viewing events.

To participate you should be:

  • 55 years or older – all skills and abilities welcome
  • interested in learning video production skills (training in phone apps, audio, video and interview production)
  • want to highlight a food-related story (community organizations, programs, community members’ or your own skills and experiences

This project provides a valuable community service to the non-profits profiled in these videos. Those involved participate as volunteers in a wide variety of food related organizations. These organizations can use the finished videos on their websites and social media to promote their services and generate public awareness of their work.

Find us on Facebook @FoodshareFilmGroup

Videos from the Foodshare Film Group